2022 KFN International Symposium and Annual Meeting

New Frontiers for Green Biotechnology
in Food Science and Nutrition

Oct. 19 (Wed) – 21 (Fri), 2022 ㅣICC JEJU, Jeju Island, Korea

Invited Speakers

International Session IV (Fri 09:00~11:00)
Recent Sensory Science

∙ Chairperson: Hye-Seong Lee (Ewha Womans Univ), Jeehyun Lee (Pusan National Univ)

  • Erminio Monteleone

    Erminio Monteleone

    University of Florence

    Consumer acceptance of alternative proteins: the role of sensory science

  • Sungeun Cho

    Sungeun Cho

    Auburn University

    Next generation stevia sweeteners, rebaudia D and M: food applications and consumer perception

  • Gabriella Morini

    Gabriella Morini

    University of Gastronomic Science

    Extraoral chemosensory: state of the art and future perspectives

  • Sara Spinelli

    Sara Spinelli

    University of Florence

    Sensory science for new healthy and palatable tailor-made meal solutions for individuals suffering from taste alterations

Session 22 (Fri 09:00~11:00) Sponsored by 뉴메드
Functional Factors Influencing Children’s Height Growth

∙ Chairperson: Hocheol Kim (Kyung Hee Univ), Ji Yeon Kim (Seoul Natl Univ Sci Technol)

  • Ho Min Kim

    Ho Min Kim 09:00∼09:40

    Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

    Structural basis for assembly and disassembly of the IGF/IGFBP/ALS ternary complex

  • Sun Haeng Lee

    Sun Haeng Lee 09:40∼10:20

    Kyung Hee University

    Changes before and after the use of herbal medicine in children with short stature

  • Donghun Lee

    Donghun Lee 10:20∼11:00

    Gachon University

    Development of functional substances to promote child growth: focusing on Astragalus extract mixture HT042

Session 23 (Fri 09:00~11:00) Organized by ILSI Korea / 한국식품연구원 / 한국식품산업클러스터진흥원
Development Strategy for Improving Global Competitiveness of Functional Ingredient

∙ Chairperson: Kwang Il Kwon (Natl Inst Food Drug Saf Eval)

  • Ho Min Kim

    Eunju Kim 09:00∼09:30

    International Life Science Institute Korea

    Scientific advice to accelerate the launch of smart HFF

  • Sun Haeng Lee

    Sujin Yang 09:30∼10:00

    Korea Technology and Information Promotion Agency for SMEs

    The introduction of R&D in ministry of SMEs and startups-development of health functional food R&D

  • Donghun Lee

    Dongyup Hahn 10:00∼10:30

    Kyungpook National University

    Study for establishment of guidelines for standardizing functional materials for health functional food

  • Hyunjung Lim

    Sang Hee Nam 10:30∼11:00

    Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Center

    Functional food overseas registration status and cases

Session 24 (Fri 09:00~11:00) Sponsored by 일동바이오사이언스
New Paradigm and Strategy for Developing Microbiome-Based Probiotics and Postbiotics

∙ Chairperson: Sangnam Oh (Jeonju Univ)

  • Sejong Oh

    Sejong Oh 09:00∼09:25

    Chonnam National University

    Probiotic lactobacilli enhance metabolic health in a high-fat diet-induced obesity in mice via regulating the PPARα signal pathway

  • Gichang Kim

    Gichang Kim 09:25∼09:50

    National Institute of Agricultural Sciences

    Linking gut microbiota, short chain fatty acids, and dietary patterns in metabolic syndrome using machine learning

  • Jin-Byung Park

    Jin-Byung Park 09:50∼10:15

    Ewha Womans University

    Enzymatic synthesis of fatty acid-based postbiotics and in silico prediction of their biological activities

  • Hyunjung Lim

    Hyunjung Lim 10:15∼10:40

    Kyung Hee University

    Probiotics as functional foods: application and clinical trials

  • Chang Yong Lee

    Seung-Oh Seo 10:40∼11:00

    The Catholic University of Korea

    Development of next-generation probiotics and its applications

Session 25 (Fri 09:00~11:00) Organized by 발효미생물산업진흥원
Functionality and Microbiome of Traditionally Fermented Soybean Products

∙ Chairperson: Hyungjae Lee (Dankook Univ)

  • Ah-Ng Tony Kong

    Seon-Young Kim 09:00∼09:40

    Jeonju AgroBio-Materials Institute

    Traditional fermented soybean (Cheonggukjang): improves gut health

  • Sunmin Park

    Sunmin Park 09:40∼10:20

    Hoseo University

    Microbiome and alleviating menopause-induced metabolic disturbance of kanjang

  • Chang Yong Lee

    Woo-Suk Chang 10:20~11:00

    University of Texas-Arlington, USA

    Functional evaluation and microbiome analysis of Cheonggukjang pills in Westerners

Session 26 (Fri 09:00~11:00) Organized by IPET
Development of Optimization and Stabilization Technology for the Materialization of High Value-Added Food and Its Industrialization

∙ Chairperson: Moon-Hee Sung (KookminBio Corp), Wan-Taek Im (Hankyong Natl Univ)

  • Ah-Ng Tony Kong

    Wan-Taek Im 09:00∼09:25

    Hankyong National University

    Efficient production and utilization of high functional ginsenosides Rg3
    & C-K

  • Sunmin Park

    Jeung Hee An 09:25∼09:50

    Gangseo University

    Localization of beer ingredients and commercialization of homebrewing

  • Chang Yong Lee

    Yang Soo Byeon 09:50∼10:15

    Korea Food Research Institute

    Characterization of Korean wheat in beer brewing

  • Chang Yong Lee

    Jin Ho Choi 10:15∼10:40

    Sanigen Co., Ltd.

    Development of a fast real time PCR protocol for Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, and enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli

  • Chang Yong Lee

    Moon-Hee Sung 10:40∼11:00

    Kookmin Bio Corporation

    Development of bacteriocin-producing probiotics complex and K-food industrialization

Joint Symposium (Fri 11:00~13:00)

Chairperson: In-Sook Kwun (Andong National Univ), Kiyotaka Nakagawa (Tohoku Univ, Japan)

  • Eri Imai

    Eri Imai

    The University of Shiga Prefecture

    Nutritional epidemiological study on diet effective for frailty prevention among community-dwelling Japanese

  • Ki-Bae Hong

    Ki-Bae Hong

    Jeju National University

    Sleep-promoting effects of functional ingredients in foods: sleep quantity and quality changes in invertebrate and vertebrate

  • Tomoya Kitakaze

    Tomoya Kitakaze

    Osaka Metropolitan University

    Luteolin and kaempferol modulate the expression of drug-metabolizing enzymes through AhR- and Nrf2-pathways

  • Jeehye Sung

    Jeehye Sung

    Andong National University

    Metabolomic approach for determining potential metabolites correlated with flavor attributes of different apple cultivars grown in Korea

Session 27 (Fri 11:00~13:00) Organized by 한국식품산업클러스터진흥원
Recent Research Trends in Meat Analogue

∙ Chairperson: Mi-Jung Choi (Konkuk Univ), Sang-Hyun Park (Kongju Natl Univ)

  • Ah-Ng Tony Kong

    Cheorun Jo 11:00∼11:30

    Seoul National University

    Meat [mi:t] the future

  • Sunmin Park

    Jin-Kyu Rhee 11:30∼12:00

    Ewha Womans University/ SuFAB Inc.

    Development of 3D printing ink and process for steak-style meat analogues

  • Chang Yong Lee

    Jaejoon Han 12:00∼12:30

    Korea University

    High moisture extrusion processing technology for meat alternatives with vegetable protein sources

  • Chang Yong Lee

    Bon-Jae Gu 12:30∼13:00

    Kongju National University

    Effect of raw materials on the properties of plant-based meat analogs

Session 28 (Fri 11:00~13:00) Organized by 식품의약품안전처 식품의약품안전평가원
Safety Management of Residues in Fishery Product

∙ Chairperson: Gui Im Moon (Natl Inst Food Drug Saf Eval)

  • Ah-Ng Tony Kong

    Ji Woo Seo 11:00∼11:30

    Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

    Enhancement safety management of fishery products

  • Sunmin Park

    Gui-Hyun Jang 11:30∼12:00

    National Institute of Food and Drug safety Evaluation

    Safety management for residue pesticide and veterinary drug among fishery products

  • Chang Yong Lee

    In-Seok Lee 12:00∼12:30

    National Institute of Fisheries Science

    Pesticides and antibiotics monitoring in coastal environment of Korea

  • Chang Yong Lee

    Jeong-Eun Oh 12:30∼13:00

    Pusan National University

    Development of analytical method and monitoring of anesthetic and sedative in seafood

Session 29 (Fri 11:00~13:00) Sponsored by 현대바이오랜드
Development of High Value-Added Health Functional Food Using Domestic Crops and ESG Management

·Chairperson: Eunju Park(Kyungnam Univ), Young-Min Kim (Chonnam Natl Univ)

  • Ok-Hwan Lee

    Jeonghoon Pan 11:00∼11:30

    Chosun University

    Optimized combination of traditional medicines mitigates LPS-induced inflammation: exploring signaling pathways through plasma metabolomics

  • Ji Youn Kim

    Dae-Ok Kim 11:30∼12:00

    Kyung Hee University

    Anti-amnestic effects of plant-based materials in in vivo models of learning and memory impairment

  • Yunha Lee

    Hyun Cheol Jeong 12:00∼12:30


    Development of functional ingredient with fermentation technology to increase the effectiveness of osteoarthritis (extract complex of fermented Achyranthes, Angelica gigas, and Eucommia)

  • Min-Kyung Kang

    Sung-Jin Lee 12:30∼13:00


    New proposal of a functional ingredient fermented Castanea crenata inner shell extract that may help improve body fat

Session 30 (Fri 11:00~13:00) Organized by 한국식품산업클러스터진흥원/ 한림대학교/ 홍천메디칼허브연구소/ 춘천바이오산업진흥원
Current Research and Industrial Trends in Senior-Friendly Foods

·Chairperson: Sung Hoon Park (Gangneung-Wonju Natl Univ), Eugene Chang (Gangneung-Wonju Natl Univ)

  • Ok-Hwan Lee

    Ok-Hwan Lee 11:00∼11:30

    Kangwon National University

    Obesity management for the elderly: development of anti-obisogenic bioactive compounds in natural foods

  • Ji Youn Kim

    Ji Youn Kim 11:30∼12:00

    Seoul F&B Co., Ltd.

    Development of nutritional supplements for patients using Gangwon functional agricultural materials

  • Yunha Lee

    Yunha Lee 12:00∼12:30

    The Value Biotech Inc.

    Development of nutritional supplements for diabetic patients who need blood sugar control

  • Min-Kyung Kang

    Min-Kyung Kang 12:30∼13:00

    Andong National University

    Preventive effects of bioactive compound on diabetic sarcopenia

Building a Bridge to Your Future (Fri 11:00~12:30)

·Chairperson: Young Min Seo (Korea Ginseng Corp)

  • Ok-Hwan Lee

    Sang Bae Han 11:00∼11:30

    Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

  • Ji Youn Kim

    Bong-Jun Jung 11:30∼12:00


  • Yunha Lee

    Han Sub Kwak 12:00∼12:30

    Korea Food Research Institute

Young Scientists Presentation (Fri 10:00~13:00)

·Chairperson: Jun Ho Kim (Andong Natl Univ), Hong Jin Lee (Chung-Ang Univ)

  • Seogsong Jeong

    Seogsong Jeong 10:00∼10:20

    CHA University

    Association of influenza vaccination and milk consumption with risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

  • Myungsuk Kim

    Myungsuk Kim 10:20∼10:40

    Korea Institute of Science and Technology

    Hepatic transcriptional profile reveals the role of diet and genetic backgrounds on metabolic traits in female progenitor strains of the Collaborative Cross

  • Woo Yong Park

    Woo Yong Park 10:40∼11:00

    Kyung Hee University

    Ellagic acid induce beige remodeling of white adipose tissue by controlling SIRT3-mediated mitochondrial dynamics

  • Jong Min Kim

    Jong Min Kim 11:00∼11:20

    Gyeongsang National University

    Powdered green tea (matcha) suppresses the cognitive dysfunction via the regulation of systemic inflammation in chronic PM2.5-exposed BALB/c mice

  • Jaecheol Kim

    Jaecheol Kim 11:20∼11:40

    Seoul National University

    Fagopyrin F: a novel photosensitizer from buckwheat

  • Sung-Il Ahn

    Sung-Il Ahn 11:40∼12:00

    Korea University

    Effects of probiotics administration on the adult lactose intolerance: a meta-analysis

  • Chang Yong Lee

    Suji Lee 12:00∼12:20

    National Institute of Agricultural Science, RDA

    Comprehensive characterization of flavonoid metabolites from seeds and leaves of soybean (Glycine max L.) cultivars using high-resolution mass spectrometry and multivariate analysis

  • Chang Yong Lee

    Jongbin Lim 12:20∼12:40

    Jeju National University

    Carving a new era in dietary carbohydrates: the activation of gut-brain axis

  • Chang Hyung Lee

    Chang Hyung Lee 12:40∼13:00

    Seoul National University

    Novel effects of piceatannol and orobol, food-derived metabolites, on atopic dermatitis