2022 KFN International Symposium and Annual Meeting

New Frontiers for Green Biotechnology
in Food Science and Nutrition

Oct. 19 (Wed) – 21 (Fri), 2022 ㅣICC JEJU, Jeju Island, Korea

Invited Speakers

Plenary Lecture 1 / 14:30~15:30(Wed)

∙ Chairperson: Woojin Jun (Chonnam National Univ)
∙ Online Presentation

  • Baraem Pam Ismail

    Baraem Pam Ismail

    University of Minnesota

    Strategies and innovations to enhance the viability of plant proteins

International Session Ⅰ (Wed 15:30~17:30)
Prevention of Cancer Using Future Food

∙ Chairperson: Woo-Sik Jeong (Kyungpook National Univ), Young Jun Kim (Korea Univ)

  • Ah-Ng Tony Kong

    Ah-Ng Tony Kong 15:30~16:00

    Rutgers University

    Latest advances in studying dietary cancer preventive phytochemicalsㅡepigenetic and metabolic reprogramming

  • Hyun Ho Choi

    Hyun Ho Choi 16:00~16:30

    The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

    The emerging role of CSN6 in cancer metabolism

  • Chang Yong Lee

    Chang Yong Lee 16:30~17:00

    Cornell University

    The role of dietary antioxidant polyphenols in human health

  • Chang Yong Lee

    Kee-Hong Kim 17:00~17:30

    Purdue University

    Dietary regulation of cachexia induced by cancer chemitherapy

Session 1 (15:30 – 17:30) Organized by ㈜리퓨터/ 한국생명공학연구원/ (재)전북바이오융합산업진흥원
Green-Bio Industry, the Value of Smartfarm Technology

∙ Chairperson: Woo-Suk Bang (Yeungnam Univ)

  • Shang-Wha Cha

    Shang-Wha Cha 15:30∼15:55

    Dubay Coffee Farm

    Climate simulation smart farm system for coffee cultivation

  • Doo Hyeon Lim

    Doo Hyeon Lim 15:55∼16:20

    Cosmax Inc.

    Understanding of functional cosmetics and case study

  • Kyung Yuk Ko

    Kyung Yuk Ko 16:20∼16:45

    National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation

    Understanding the regulation concerning recognition and assessment of functional ingredients for health functional foods in Korea

  • Discussion

    Discussion 16:45∼17:30

Session 2 (15:30 – 17:30) Organized by 한국식품연구원
Development of Functional Material Pipeline for Sustainable Functional Food Industry

∙ Chairperson: Changho Lee (Korea Food Res Inst)

  • Jaekwang Lee

    Jaekwang Lee 15:30∼16:00

    Korea Institute Food Research

    Study of food/nutrition-based hearing protection

  • Gun-Dong Kim

    Gun-Dong Kim 16:00∼16:30

    Korea Food Research Institute

    Transcriptional analysis of particulate matter 2.5 exposed lung in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease mouse model

  • Ho-Young Park

    Ho-Young Park 16:30∼17:00

    Korea Food Research Institute

    Reducing AGEs level as an emerging therapeutic strategy to treat NAFLD

  • Mi Young Lee

    Mi Young Lee 17:00∼17:30

    National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation

    Scientific evaluation for safety and claims and setting the standard and specification

Session 3 (15:30 – 17:30) Organized by 식품의약품안전처
Nutritional Safety Management Policy for Vulnerable Groups

∙ Chairperson: Kwang-Won Yu (Korea Natl Univ of Transport)

  • Jaekwang Lee

    Yun-Sook Kang 15:30∼16:10

    Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

    Policies to support the foodservice safety and nutrition for elderly and disabled population

  • Gun-Dong Kim

    Hyun Jung Kim 16:10∼16:50

    Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

    Polices to support safety control of children’s dietary life

  • Ho-Young Park

    Jee Young Kim 16:50∼17:30

    National Food Safety Information Service

    Updating regulation standards related to children’s favorite foods based on global trends and consumer survey results

Special Senior Session (15:30 – 17:30)

∙ Chairperson: Myung-Sook Choi (Kyungpook Natl Univ)

  • Jaekwang Lee

    Man-Jin Oh 15:30∼16:10

    Chungnam National University

    Taste and safety in food, what to choose?

  • Gun-Dong Kim

    Joong-Ho Kwon 16:10∼16:50

    Kyungpook National University

    The roads to happiness for a food scientist

  • Hong-Soo Ryu

    Hong-Soo Ryu 16:50∼17:30

    Pukyong National University

    Secret gardens of a food scientist

Division 1 (15:30 – 17:30) Organized by 발효식품분과위원회
Microbes and Fermented Foods

∙ Chairperson: Byung-Yong Kim (CKD Healthcare), Soon-Mi Shim (Sejong Univ)

  • Hong-Seok Son

    Hong-Seok Son 15:30∼16:00

    Korea University

    Identification of kimchi terroir in Korea through metabolites and microbial community profiling

  • Seung-Beom Hong

    Seung-Beom Hong 16:00∼16:30

    National Institute of Agricultural Sciences

    The roles of Korean traditional meju fungi for fermented soybean products

  • Hye Sun Choi

    Hye Sun Choi 16:30∼17:00

    National Institute of Crop Science

    New application of microbes from fermented foods: development of cereal based fermented material and its utilization

  • Hyeon-Deok Kim

    Hyeon-Deok Kim 17:00∼17:30

    CKD Healthcare

    Improved digestibility and bioavailability of pea protein following enzymatic treatment and fermentation by lactic acid bacteria

Division 2 (15:30 – 17:30) Organized by 감성과학분과위원회
Role of Affective/Sensory Science for Future Foods

∙ Chairperson: Min-A Kim (Chonnam Natl Univ)

  • Hye-Seong Lee

    Hye-Seong Lee 15:30∼15:45

    Ewha Womans University

    Scope of the affective/sensory science division and a way forward

  • Gyuwhan Lee

    Gyuwhan Lee 15:45∼16:00

    Daesang Corp. Health R&D Institute

    Utilization of affective/sensory science to develop care foods and future foods

  • Heejin Kim

    Heejin Kim 16:00∼16:30

    Maeil Dairies Co., Ltd.

    Application of consumer and sensory research in the development of plant based milk

  • Jung-Kue Shin

    Jung-Kue Shin 16:30∼17:00

    Jeonju University

    Current status of alternative foods market & products development and the role of affective/sensory science

  • Jeehyun Lee

    Jeehyun Lee 17:00∼17:30

    Pusan National University

    Qualitative and quantitative consumer sensory evaluation methods

Division 3 (15:30 – 17:30) Organized by 개인맞춤영양분과위원회
My Data-Driven "What to Eat" Curation

∙ Chairperson: Hyung-Jin Yoon (Seoul Natl Univ Hosp), Hyeyoung Lee (Natl Inst Food Drug Saf Eval)

  • Jiyoung Kim

    Jiyoung Kim 15:30∼16:00

    Seoul National University

    Personalized nutrition prediction study for preschoolers with autism spectrum disorder

  • Doheon Lee

    Doheon Lee 16:00∼16:30


    Accelerating drug and food development with an AI-based virtual human system CODA

  • Kun-Ho Yoon

    Kun-Ho Yoon 16:30∼17:00

    The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital

    Way to implement of precision medicine based on bio-health big data

  • Mun-Gi Sohn

    Mun-Gi Sohn 17:00∼17:30

    Kyung Hee University

    Personalized health functional food subdivision sales draft guidelines

Division 4 (15:30 – 17:30) Organized by 임상영양분과위원회
Untact Nutrition Service: Present and Future Directions

∙ Chairperson: Ji-Yun Hwang (Sangmyung Univ), Hee-Jung Park (Sangmyung Univ)

  • So Young Kim

    So Young Kim 15:30∼16:00

    National Cancer Center

    Approach to nutrition care in cancer survivors during the pandemic era

  • Hyun-Ji Lee

    Hyun-Ji Lee 16:00∼16:30

    Korea Health Promotion Institute

    Untact nutrition service in national projects: focusing on the nutrition plus

  • Ji Yea Park

    Ji Yea Park 16:30∼17:00


    Personalized nutrition management: focusing on health functional food

  • Jeong Hyun Lim

    Jeong Hyun Lim 17:00∼17:30

    Seoul National University Hospital

    Paradigm shift of medical nutrition therapy for chronic disease in non face to face

Division 5 (15:30 – 17:30) Organized by 급식·외식분과위원회
Toward Net Zero: Green Materials and Packaging

∙ Chairperson: Mi Ja Chung (Gwangju Univ)

  • Seon-Tea Joo

    Seon-Tea Joo 15:30∼16:10

    Gyeongsang National University

    Production technology and industrial prospects of cultured meat

  •  Su Wan Kim

    Su Wan Kim 16:10∼16:50

    Suwan Co., Ltd.

    Edible insects and future food

  • Youngjin Cho

    Youngjin Cho 16:50∼17:30

    Korea Food Research Institute

    Present and future of food packaging technology and industry toward net zero